Building on a Tradition—Leading Technology . . . Leading Iowa

With construction of a state of the art telecommunications system known as “iVue”, the City of Bellevue continues to raise the bar in offering high quality services at a reasonable cost to its citizens.

The City of Bellevue is the first in Iowa to construct and operate a fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) network. City officials are building on a tradition of providing critical infrastructure that has been and will continue to be a basic function of city government.

Both city officials and local businesses view the infrastructure as being vital to the central functioning of the community and necessary for building a strong sustainable population. With this network, the City has integrated video and data services and future voice services over one wire eliminating the need for residents and businesses to pay fees for maintaining separate systems.

The network is used for monitoring the City’s electric and water systems; improving fire, police and public safety; providing local schools and the library with advanced educational opportunities; moving city government to an electronic government; and improving health care access including the ability to monitor the elderly in their homes. The potential opportunities and services are unlimited.

iVue network brings the latest in technology to your home including:

iVue Internet Services:
*2 mb per second, 67 times faster than dial-up
*4 mb per second, 133 times faster than dial-up
*6 mb per second, 200 times faster than dial-up

iVue Video Services:
Video, video on demand and pay-per-view