Bellevue Family Fun

A wide variety of recreational activities are found in this beautiful river town. Golfing at the local club, swimming, baseball, tennis, boating, fishing, water skiing, football, basketball, bowling and horseback riding are just a sampling. Enjoy nature through hiking trails, view historic Indian mounds, relax at our picnic areas, visit the butterfly garden at the Bellevue State Park, and watch eagles soar at the lock and dam. Biking along the river can’t be beat.  Also check out the trail at Felderman Park, walk along the river walkway through Bellevue and continue across the bridge, up the hill, and on to the trails at Bellevue State Park. 

Whether enjoyment stems from being a spectator or playing hard on the fields, Bellevue provides numerous organized sports throughout the year for ages 5 through adult. Swing into spring and summer with Bellevue’s baseball, softball and golf leagues. Dive into swim lessons offered at the Bellevue Swimming Pool during the summer. Kick around the idea of joining the soccer and football leagues in the fall. Set aside time in the fall for bumping into friends at volleyball league games. Get rolling with Bellevue’s Bowling league through the winter. For more information on the leagues and sign-up forms, please contact the Bellevue Herald Leader and the Bellevue Area Chamber of Commerce.

Jackson County has over 8,000 acres of federal, state, and county park and recreation lands, most of them along the Mississippi near Bellevue. The best known is Bellevue State Park with its thousand year old Indian mounds, scenic overlooks, massive bluffs, and the largest butterfly garden in Iowa. Spruce Creek Park has extensive camping facilities, a boat launch, and sheltered marina. Pleasant Creek offers another launch site and camping facilities.